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          Haomi Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a national specialized new small giant enterprise, focusing on the design, development and production of process gas single-screw compressor and system, and is committed to realizing process gas transportation and carbon capture, carbon storage and carbon recovery for customers in the fields of petrochemical industry, new energy and VOC treatment.  

      Haomi Power always adhere to technological innovation, through theoretical breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs, application breakthroughs, independent research and development to overcome the "stuck neck" problem, to create a "process gas single screw compressor unit (HMOG)", to fill the gap in the industry.  Through continuous improvement, the product has been successfully put into use in propylene gas, butadiene, gas, water vapor, hydrogen sulfide, oilfield associated gas, carbon dioxide, acetylene gas, tail gas, torch gas and other working conditions, to meet the safety, stability, long period, full load, high-quality production characteristics. 

Our Vision

To be the leader of fluid equipment

in the petrochemical market.

Serve your dream, let it flow

Company Slogan

Core Values



Haomi Company Motto

1.Be a reassuring person.

2. Create value for customers and grow together with customers.

3. Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure, and thinking determines the way out.

4 treat people in good faith, serious work, no regrets, inclusive!

5. Strong in body and mind, strong in career, focus on dreams and never give up!

6.Communicate well and decide to obey.

7. The greatest contribution to the team is to complete the work.

8.Instead of waiting for opportunities, as their own creation opportunities!

9.Find ways to succeed, not excuses for failure.

10.The most terrible thing is that people who are better than you work harder than you.

Our Mission

Use innovation and expertise to create  

China-made quality mechanical equipment

in manufacturing secto


Company Culture

Development History


2009 year

On December 11, Shanghai Haomi Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established.

2010 year

On May 10, Pantec shield anchor bolt; the first time to supply a self-contained lubricating oil station to a well-known Japanese petrochemical equipment

2011 year

On March 15, Pantaike foot bolt products were extended to overseas markets. On August 1st, the company moved into a new office location - Haomi Building, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

2012 year

On June 12, a CCDS system was successfully developed for cooling the sealing and flushing system of pumps. On November 1, more than 40 sets of key process pumps were provided for large aromatics projects around the world. On December 30, annual sales exceeded 250 million yuan.

2013 year

On April 5, it became a qualified supplier to many well-known customers such as PetroChina, Fluor, BP and China Global. On July 1, an automatic rehydration device for mechanical sealed flushing tank was developed jointly with Lincoln Industrial Corporation of the United States, and was applied in petrochemical market.

2014 year

On March 5, joint development of new high efficiency compressor project with national key laboratory.

2015 year

Development of process gas single screw compressor on October 12 On October 15, Haomi Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established.

2016 year

On January 12, Haomi Power Compressor Business Module was established. It is mainly devoted to the research and development of compressor products and the joint development of the first single screw compressor with Sinopec.

2017 year

On July 3, Haomei Seal Business was develeped, which is mainly devoted to dry gas seal October 23, won the title of high-tech enterprise On December 5, 20m3 single screw process gas compressor was awarded "one of the most important tools in the petrochemical industry in 2017" by authoritative organizations such as PetroChina Information Center, and won high praise. On December 29, the self-developed 20m3 single screw process gas compressor was put into operation in Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, and received high evaluation from users.

2018 year

On June 16, the industrialization base of process gas compressor in the special industry of Haomi Power began to be built, and a single screw process gas compressor research, manufacture and test base with large capacity will be formed.

2019 year

In February, it was awarded the title of "Shanghai specialized special new enterprise" In July, it was rated as "AAA credit enterprise";And won the title of "Shanghai science and technology small gian

2020 year

In May, Haomi invested 150 million yuan and completed the production and research base of special industry Process Gas Compressor, which covers an area of 18,000 square meters October Haomi and Heywood Taylor became strategic partners November Independent research and development of heat exchanger intelligent cleaning system "Time-preserving cleaning" Won the "safety level" three level certification




We are the application expert of dynamic equipment in petrochemical industry


       Provides research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service one-stop supply chain solution, the establishment of a strong mature sales and after-sales service system, in Shanghai, zhejiang, shandong, jiangsu, hebei, shanxi, liaoning, guangdong, Vietnam, etc to set up branches and representative offices, to provide customers with professional, timely service.

        Haomi group implements the international business philosophy of "honesty first, quality first, mutual benefit and common development", and strives to fulfill its responsibilities for domestic and foreign petrochemical, power, coal, steel and other industries with rapid development.


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