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2017 year

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On July 3, Haomei Sealing Business Plate was established, which is mainly devoted to dry gas seal, high-end wet seal and flushing system.
On August 14, the hermetic seal was set up
October 23, won the title of high-tech enterprise
On December 5, 20m single screw process gas compressor was awarded "one of the most important tools in the petrochemical industry in 2017" by authoritative organizations such as PetroChina Information Center, and won high praise.
On December 29, the self-developed 20 m single screw process gas compressor was put into operation in Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, and received high evaluation from users.
On July 3, Haomei Sealing Business Plate was established, which is mainly devoted to dry gas seal, high-end wet seal and flushing system.
On August 14, the hermetic seal was set up
October 23, won the title of high-tech enterprise
On December 5, 20m single screw process gas compressor was awarded "one of the most important tools in the petrochemical industry in 2017" by authoritative organizations such as PetroChina Information Center, and won high praise.
On December 29, the self-developed 20 m single screw process gas compressor was put into operation in Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, and received high evaluation from users.
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