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Haomi Group was founded in 2009. As a global supplier of fluid equipment and overall solutions for petrochemical industry, Haomi Group is committed to providing one-stop service in product supply chain for customers and contributing value to all value chain partners to meet challenges. We play an important role in the overall solution of petrochemical equipment. Now we have formed three business sectors: compressor, pump and seal. Our business covers petrochemical industry, coal oil, liquefied natural gas, fine chemical industry, coal power and other fields.

Haomi Group was founded in 2009. As a global supplier of fluid equipment and overall solutions for petrochemical industry, Haomi Group is committed to providing one-stop service in product supply chain for customers and contributing value to all value chain partners to meet challenges. We play an important role in the overall solution of petrochemical equipment. Now we have formed three business sectors: compressor, pump and seal. Our business covers petrochemical industry, coal oil, liquefied natural gas, fine chemical industry, coal power and other fields.