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Mechanic Method

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Single screw compressor

Volume flow: 10-120 m_/min
Intake pressure: 0.04-6 Bar (A)
Exhaust pressure: ~ 40 Bar (A)
Exhaust temperature: ~100 C
Speed: 1500-3000 r/min
Medium: butadiene, styrene, annular gas, propane, propylene, tail gas,
exhaust gas, torch gas, flash vapor, circulating gas, PSA, CO, CO2
and other petrochemical process gases

Product description


The application of single screw compressor was first appeared in the 1970s. Due to its superiority in structural principal, it has advantages like super dynamic balance, no leakage triangular parts, hi-pressure, high performance and good economical feature. And this type of compressor is widely used in petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel mill, power, mining industries.
The technological development of single screw compressor was already quite mature in America and Japan. Single stage discharge pressure of this type single screw compressor has reached over 30 bar in America. Due to increasing demand of this type of compressor in China markets, Haomi Group jointly developed the compressor with some famous domestic universities according to API619 standard for several years. This type of single screw compressor has high compression ratio. Haomi Group overcame core technologies. This single screw compressor filled our technological void in domestic petrochemical fields and reached advanced international level.



Features of single screw compressor

1.Two sets of star wheel are allocated symmetrically on both sides of the screw piston, the radial forces is eliminated in the compression process. Both sides of the screw piston faces the air intake chamber, it has small axial force. So the engaged assembly has better balance, bearings has long service life and the compressor has low vibration and noise.
2.No leakage triangular design, displacement efficiency is above 90%. Power consumption is 20% lower than conventional double-screw compressor under the same condition. Single stage compression ratio reaches 30 under normal pressure.
3.Water mist or oil mist lubrication can be customized according to customer’s requirement. The lub oil will be cooled using the internal cooling system and the piping is simplified. For other types of compressors, they need intermediate cooling between two compression processes, single screw compressor can have low temperature discharge air without intermediate cooling.


Features of double- screw compressor

1.A pair of parallel arranged screw pistons, compression chamber is on one side. The screw piston bears big radial force. End face of discharge side is connected to the high pressure chamber. The screw piston bears great axial force. The compressor needs bearings with large volume and strong tensile strength or balance pistons to counteract the axial force. The bearings are easily worn out and have short service life. Also the high vibration and noise are the main concerns.
2.There is leakage triangular space between the engaged rotors. Then leakage and pressure loss is encountered and which results in low compression efficiency and low single stage compression ratio. Single stage compression ratio is not higher than 8.
3.Main and auxiliary rotors are driven by gear wheel, and oil mist lubrication is needed between gear wheel and rotors. It requires large quantity of lub oil and the oil piping is complex. This type of compressor has high discharge temperature which will result in the carbonization and coking of the lub oil. It requires routine change of the lub oil. Once lubrication is not adequate, then metal parts will wear out. Operation life will be shortened.


Features of reciprocating compressor


1.Big inertia force when crank shaft rotates, and obvious variances in velocity when piston moves.
2.Small air volume, big displacement margin, low displacement efficiency.
3.Big mechanical loss, frequent change of valve and piston ring. Lots of dismantling and difficult maintenance work.
4.Big vibration, high low-frequent noise. Need special foundation.


Features of centrifugal compressor


1、Sensitive to air molecule weight. It has low compression ratio when compresses air with hydrogen. Compression ratio of recycling centrifugal compressor for hydrogen refining is normally below 1.3.
2、High speed rotor, applicable for medium to large capacity conditions, not applicable for small capacity condition.
3、Low efficiency. It can only obtain best efficiency under design condition. This may causes compressor surge.


Performance Parameters


Inlet Volume Flow (m3/min) Suction Pressure Bar(A) Max Discharge Pressure Bar(A) Discharge Temperature(°C) RPM/min Medium
10~120 0.04~6 ~40 ~100℃ 1500~3000 Bivinyl, Styrene, Hydrogen cycle gas, Propane, Propylene, Tail gas, Exhaust gas, Flare gas, Flash steam, Cycle gas, PSA, CO, CO2, etc.



Working Principle






Inspiratory Process:


Spiral flute of the screw will be connected with the suction gas chamber before engaged, it is in suction condition. When the screw rotates in certain position, the star wheel will close the screw slot and form the working volume. At this time, the Inspiratory process is over.





Compression Process:


As screw rotates, the star wheel will moved forward along with the screw slot. Closed working volume is getting smaller. This process realizes the compression process. This process will create huge amount of heat. The cooling medium will be sprayed out to the surface and slots of the screw. At the same time when cooling medium takes away the heat, a thin film will be formed, serving both as sealing and lubrication. When the working volume is connected with the triangular vent hole, this process is over.



Discharge Process:


When the working displacement is connected with the triangular vent hole, as the rotor rotates, the compressed gas is transferred from discharge port to discharge chamber until the star wheel moves away from the slot, the discharge process is over.


HOMG advantages






Engaged assembly consists of one singlescrew and two centrosymmetric star wheels


Haomi Power jointly developed the engaged structure with famous domestic university and acquired invention patents. By means of rotor dynamic analysis, FEA and thermodynamic analysis and fluid-solid coupling analysis, the reliable operation and aerodynamic and thermodynamic performance are guaranteed.





Star wheel-polyether-ether-ketone(PEEK) filled high tensile strength carbon fiber reinforced polymer


Excellent mechanical properties, anti-corrosion and auto lubricated. Haomi adopts unique metal lipping and modular cast star wheel, it improves the strength and rigidity, lowers the vibration and wear out risk.



High tensile strength modular cast steel hull according to API 619 Standard


Pressure rating up to 70 Bar. High machining precision. Ensure correct positioning and engagement of screw and star wheels.



Haomi Group independently developed special mechanical seal for petrochemical process gas single-screw compressor according to API 682 standard.


Can be designed according to different process media, to meet the long cycle high reliable seal.



Skid mounted


Main compressor, driver, gas-liquid Separator, sealing auxiliary system, gauge panels and control cabinet are integrated on the mounting skid. It has compact size and reasonable plan and saves installation space. It is convenient for installation and maintenance.



Intelligent PLC control system


This system can meet the process requirements of start/stop control of the compressor and interlock. It carries out real time remote monitoring of the pressure, temperature and vibration parameters, and it can establish data communication with User’s DCS system.


Materials and processing


Material list of main parts
Main parts Material
Screw Cr steel, 304(L), 316(L)
Star wheel PEEK
Shaft Cr steel, High tensile strength Alloy steel, Duplex
Housing S.S.

Note: Materials can be selected according to different working conditions.



Process and application


Note: This process is for reference only. Detailed design shall be based on actual requirement.


Compressor parameters
Medium Propylene gas
Inlet Volume Flow 20m3/min
Suction Pressure 0.04bar
Discharge Pressure 18bar
Discharge temperature ≤70°C
Cooling and lubrication Desalinated water

Propylene Gas Single-Screw Compressor application for one Sinopec company

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