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Mechanic Method

HM72- Carbon Floating Ring Seals with Integral Housing and Segmented Seal Rings
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HM72- Carbon Floating Ring Seals with Integral Housing and Segmented Seal Rings


Design Features:

  • Chamber seal (modular design), optional with housing and lid;
  • Segmented seal rings, radially cut;
  • Integral housing design, high reliability;
  • Very small operation gap - low leakage;
  • Dry running, no need liquid lubricated and cooling;
  • Self-adjusting seal rings;
  • Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections;
  • No sealing components mounted on the shaft and hence no additional shaft vibrations;
  • Seal rings running contact-free - sliding faces and machine consume no additional power;
  • Balanced seal ring inside chamber;
  • According to the characteristics of the medium, the connecting ports of sealing gas, separation gas and vent gas can be collocated;
  • High reliability, maintenance-free operation.

Performance Capability:

  • Shaft diameter: 20 to 350 mm;
  • Operating pressure: vacuum to 3.0 MPa;
  • Operating temperature: -60°C to 327°C;
  • Sliding velocity: max. 240 m/s;
  • Radial play: ± 1.0 to 2.0 mm;
  • Axial movement: theoretically unlimited;
  • Recommended wear guard: > 58 HRC.


  • Oil and gas industry; refining technology; chemical industry; petrochemical industry; pulp and paper industry; metal production and processing; power plant technology;
  • Integral-gear compressors (one or multi-stage); screw and chiller compressors; steam turbines; regulating devices;
  • Gases; fumes and exhaust, solids containing, flammable, acid containing and toxic gases; (solids containing) steams / liquid mist; oil mist / penetrating oil.


3-D profile of HM72 2-D sectional view of HM72


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