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Mechanic Method

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Haomi01D, Tandem Dry Gas Seals with Intermediate Labyrinth


Design Features:

  • Shrouded seat prevents secondary damage in the event of a seat fracture.
  • Seats are driven by pins, safer and more reliable.
  • Floating seats can improve adaptability.
  • Two seal modules are oriented in the same direction behind each other, with the labyrinth in the middle of two seals. A buffer gas is injected between the outboard seal and the intermediate labyrinth to prevent process gas to leak out to atmosphere. Most of buffer gas and the primary leakage can be flared. So this type of seal has either high security or high sealing ability.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature:-60~200℃.
  •  Pressure:≤10MPa.
  • Speed:≤180m/s.
  • Application:For use in the operating condition where neither the leakage of the process gas to the atmosphere nor little internal leakage of sealing gas can be allowed, e.g., the circulating hydrogen compressors in refinery; compressors for the high H2S content sour gas; compressors for the cracked gas, ethene, propylene in ethene plants; the ammonia, raw gas and syngas compressors in fertilizer plants; methanol synthetic gas compressors in coal chemical industry.

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