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Mechanic Method

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Haomi02D, High-Pressure Tandem Dry Gas Seals


Design Features:

  • Shrouded seat prevents secondary damage in the event of a seat fracture.
  • Seats are driven by pins, safer and more reliable.
  • Floating seats can improve adaptability.
  • The seal module arrangement is same as the common tandem seal, but using high performance polymer seal, Haomi02D can be used in wider condition such as high-pressure, low-temperature and large-diameter.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature:-200~316℃.
  • Pressure:≤20MPa.
  • Speed:≤200m/s.
  • Application:For use in high pressure, low temperature and large diameter condition, e.g., hydrocracking circulating-hydrogen compressors in refinery, ethene compressors in ethene plants, high pressure syngas compressors in fertilizer plants.

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