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Haomi03 Series Separation Seals

   Separation seal is used to prevent ingress of oil from a compressor bearing into the outboard gas seal, and process gas from the outboard stage of the gas seal from entering the bearing cavity. Haomi03A, double labyrinth and Haomi03B/C, clearance bushing can be adopted as Haomi01 & Haomi02’s separation seal.
   For double labyrinth, its advantage is of simple design and easy installation, while its disadvantages is of very high flow rates, no restriction to oil when not energised. For clearance bushing, its advantages is of cartridge design, lower dynamic (hot) flow rates than labyrinths, while its disadvantages is of high cold /static flow rates, limited restriction to oil when not energised.
Haomi03B—Non-Contacting Segmented Carbon Ring Seals;
Haomi03C—Contacting Segmented Carbon Ring Seals。
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