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Mechanic Method

HM11C- Tandem Dry Gas Seals
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HM11C- Tandem Dry Gas Seals


HM11C- Tandem Dry Gas Seals

  • A mechanical seal is in tandem with a dry gas seal, the mechanical seal is the primary seal and the dry gas seal is backup seal;
  • The dry gas seal operates no-contacting so that the primary seal has a certain back pressure, which can effectively prevent the primary seal unstable operation caused by the liquid-film gasification (or vaporization) between the primary seal faces. So the life of the primary seal can be extended greatly;
  • Primary leakage can be flared with buffer gas, so the process gas cannot leak out to atmosphere;
  • When the primary seal failures, the gas seal can be acted as primary seal;
  • Cartridge structure,easy to install and precisely positioning.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature: -60~200℃;
  • Pressure: ≤6MPa;
  • Speed: 500~3000rpm;
  • Application: for use in volatile fluid, e.g., light hydrocarbon.

HM11C- Tandem Dry Gas Seals P&ID




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