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HM11F- Double Dry Gas Seals for Low and Medium Pressure


HM11F- Double Dry Gas Seals for Low and Medium Pressure

  • Used for sealing low temperature, volatile medium, high reliability;
  • No pollution to process medium, ensure the high purity of pumping process medium;
  • Pump cavitation and pump depletion will not deteriorate the performance of the seal;
  • The power consumption of the non-contact operation of the whole set of seal is only about 10% of the traditional double seal, and its service life is more than 3 years;
  • Because of non-contact, seal friction heat is very low, do not need to circulate the sealing gas, also do not need to use water to cool the seal.




  • Zero-fugitive emissions, environmentally friendly;
  • Dual balance design with reverse pressure capability;
  • Cartridge structure,easy to install;
  • Simple gas barrier system;
  • For use in large seal chambers.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature: -60~200℃;
  • Pressure: ≤2MPa;
  • Speed: 500~3000rpm;
  • Application: for use in media without particles.

HM11F Double Dry Gas Seals P&ID




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