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HM71A- Double Dry Gas Seals for Blowers
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HM71A- Double Dry Gas Seals for Blowers


HM71A- Double Dry Gas Seals for Blowers

  • A ‘gas blockup’ instead of the traditional ‘liquid backup’, that is barrier gas instead of barrier liquid is used to achieve ‘zero leakage’ or ‘zero emission’. Plant nitrogen or instrument air can be acted as barrier gas, with filtering accuracy of 1μm;
  • Sealing process gas medium has very high reliability;
  • No pollution to process medium, ensure the high purity of pumping process medium;
  • The auxiliary system does not need to consume energy, and is easy to operate and reliable.
  • The power consumption of the non-contact operation of the whole set of seal is only about 10% of the traditional double seal, and its service life is more than 3 years;
  • Because of non-contact, seal friction heat is very low, do not need to circulate the sealing gas, also do not need to use water to cool the seal.


  • Zero-fugitive emissions, environmentally friendly;
  • Cartridge structure,easy to install;
  • Simple gas barrier system;
  • For use in large seal chambers.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature: -60~200℃;
  • Pressure: ≤2MPa;
  • Speed: 500~3000rpm;
  • Application: for use in various gas media.

HM71A Double Dry Gas Seals P&ID




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