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Mechanic Method

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HM16 Mechanical Seals for Slurry Pumps

Design Features:
  • Specially designed engineering seals;
  • Multi – spring, O - ring, pushed mechanical seal design;
  • Springs are protected from contact with the medium;
  • The spring stiffness is weak, so the seal can withstand the larger axial movement;
  • Finite element optimization design of the seal ring structure, coupled with special wear-resistant materials, can make the seal friction heat minimum;
  • The unique detail design, may cause the seal to withstand the big vibration and the impact;
  • According to the concentration of particles contained in the medium, single seal or dual seal arrangement can be selected;
  • For the commonly used single seal arrangement, generally does not need additional back flushing water; but back flushing can greatly increase the upper limit of particle concentration in the applicable sealing medium;
  • Precision lapping sealing ring with high finish and excellent flatness;
  • The whole seal adopts the cartridge structure, which is easy to install and disassemble.

Performance Capability:

  • Shaft diameter: 20-200mm;
  • Temperature: 80℃ (with no back flushing water); up to 200℃ (with back flush water);
  • Pressure: vacuum to 3.0MPa;
  • Speed: 0-20 m/s; 0 ~ 20 m/s;
  • Medium: particle concentration (mass concentration) up to 60%.


Suitable for power plant flue gas desulfurization, mining, coal washing, sand dredging, dredging, salt mining, dehydration and sewage treatment industries.

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