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Mechanic Method

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Haomi17, Mechanical seals


Design Features:

  • Specially designed engineering seals;
  • Multi-spring, balanced and static seal design;
  • The primary ring and mating ring structure of the seal friction pair optimized by finite element method can effectively control the thermal and mechanical deformation of the seal under high pressure;
  • The section of the primary ring and the mating ring adopts the short-thick structure, the seal ring has good rigidity and the deformation resistance under high pressure is strong;
  • Solid and reliable primary ring transmission and mating ring anti-rotation structure design can improve the resistance to hang up of the seal;
  • Precision grinding of the sealing ring has a high degree of smoothness and excellent flatness;
  • Single seal arrangement and dual seal arrangement can be adopted;
  • Using the latest silicon carbide composite material and silicon carbide friction pair, can further improve the applicable pressure range of the seal;
  • Adopt cartridge structure, easy to install and disassemble.

Performance Capability:

  • Shaft diameter: 30-110mm;
  • Temperature: -40℃-260℃;
  • Pressure: vacuum to 14.0MPa;
  • Speed: 0-50 m/s;


Suitable for petroleum refining, crude oil pipeline transportation, offshore platform, electric power and other industries.

3-D profile of Haomi17 2-D sectional view of Haomi17


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