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Mechanic Method

HM55A – Double Dry Gas Seals
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HM55A – Double Dry Gas Seals


Design Features:

  • No pollution to process medium, ensure high purity of process medium;
  • Non-contact operation of the whole set of seal, low power consumption;
  • Because of non-contact, the heat generated by seal friction is extremely low;
  • Special sealing ring structure and groove design enable dry gas seal to realize non-contact operation at a low speed;
  • The seal adopts the cartridge structure, quick installation and accurate positioning;
  • Simple sealing barrier gas system;
  • Available with or without bearings.

Performance Capability:

  • Temperature: -40℃- 260℃;
  • Pressure: vacuum to 1.5MPa;
  • Speed: 20- 500 rpm;
  • Media: all kinds of gas phase media.


Polypropylene, high density/low density/full density polyethylene, butadiene/butadiene rubber, PVC, PTA, polyester, power, food, pharmaceutical, coal chemical and many other industries.
HM55A for Vertical Agitated Vessel HM55A for Horizontal Agitated Vessel
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