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Mechanic Method

HM52 - Double Mechanical Seals for High Pressure Condition
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HM52 - Double Mechanical Seals for High Pressure Condition


Design Features:

  • The thick and short section design of seal friction pair, makes the seals strong bearing capacity and wider pressure range;
  • The friction pair is designed with special structure and the pressure itself is balanced, which makes the friction pair have stronger anti-pressure ability;
  • The friction pair is designed to prevent adverse pressure. When the system pressure is unexpectedly lower than the pressure in the vessel, the friction pair can still fit together to ensure the seal safety;
  • The anti-swing structure design of bearing, suitable for large swing agitator;
  • Special material combination, suitable for strong corrosive medium;
  • Cooling jacket design, suitable for high temperature conditions;
  • Adopt single-slant /double-slant/ split clasp shaft locking design to ensure accurate positioning of shaft sleeve and reliable transmission;
  • As standard design, bearing is selected according to the working condition.

Performance Capability:

  • Shaft diameter: 40-200mm;
  • Temperature: -60℃- 327℃;
  • Pressure: vacuum to 5MPa;
  • Speed: 0- 5 m/s;
  • Media: various types of gas-liquid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid-solid mixture.


Butadiene/butadiene rubber, high density/low density /full density polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PTA, polyester, power, food, pharmaceutical, coal chemical and many other industries.
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3-D profile of HM52 2-D sectional view of HM52


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