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Special anchor bolt for pan-tech heavy equipment


Pan-tech shield anchor bolt


Pan-tech shield anchor bolt is a kind of heavy duty anchor bolt specially designed for heavy duty equipment with reciprocating inertial force, such as reciprocating compressor, machine tool, etc. Panpan luanke shield anchor bolts can meet the heavy load equipment's demanding requirements for large size, large torque and high strength anchor bolts: it can greatly reduce the installation difficulty of heavy load equipment, with the advantages of short installation time, simple installation and construction, convenient maintenance and replacement, and can greatly save the cost of installation and construction.


Pan-tech shield anchor bolts can provide anchor bolts with different specifications, materials, processing forms and fastening methods according to customers' requirements. The thread of panpan luanke shield anchor bolts is processed by rolling process to avoid stress concentration. According to different materials and processing processes, the bolt strength can be up to 12.9, the tensile strength can be up to 1200MPa, and the yield strength can be up to 1080MPa. The pan teck shield anchor bolt provides a reliable and economical solution for the installation of all kinds of equipment, especially in harsh conditions.


Excellent sealing performance


Pan-tech shield anchor bolt adopts high quality welding technology, metal wire inert gas welding, sealing is strong. Rock teck shield type anchor bolt has a unique metal protection sleeve design, rock at the same time we will be on site blocking pulp board for the customer to provide professional advice, these unique design and Suggestions for the bolt components provide a good seal protection function, which can effectively prevent components by a foreign body in the process of transportation and installation, such as secondary paste, fine sand) pollution and avoid destroying the thread and jams.


Keep it all the time. Clear ground


The unique design of pantaic shield anchor bolt provides the retractable function of the bolt to ensure that the bolt is kept at any time. Clear ground ” In this state, the length of the bolt protruding from the ground can meet the customized requirements of the customer, so that the protruding length can reach 700mm. The bolt assembly can be adjusted vertically or horizontally to compensate the deviation of hole position and bottom thickness of equipment during normal construction. Furthermore, it reduces the risk that the bolt may crack due to the installation error


Greatly reduces installation costs


It can reduce the difficulty of civil construction and the cost of installation obviously. The unique retractable function of the bolt can screw all the dowel bolts into the ground before the installation of the equipment, which makes it easy and convenient to align the bolt with the bolt hole of the base of the equipment during the installation of the equipment, significantly reducing the difficulty of the installation of the equipment and achieving rapid installation. The retractable function of pan-tech shield anchor bolts makes the equipment disassembly and assembly more square and has obvious cost saving advantage when the large factory is remodeled. The removed screw can continue to be recycled, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of large-scale equipment transformation in different places.


Pan-tech shield anchor bolt is to achieve cost savings, to meet the most demanding working conditions, the vast majority of concrete foundation, mechanical applications to provide a solid, safe, high-quality solutions.


If you have special requirements for pan teck shield anchor bolts, please contact Shanghai haomi industrial technology co., LTD for consultation.



Pan-tech shield anchor bolt installation example


A large petrochemical company's reciprocating hydrogen compressor USES pan-tech shield anchor bolt installation equipment. Anchor bolts shall be installed during foundation casting. Compared with the installation method previously adopted by the company for such equipment, the use of pan-tech shield anchor bolts has the following advantages:

- Can be fast fixed equipment

- Installers do not need expertise in grouting technology

The company was very pleased with the installation results


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