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Mechanic Method

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Haomi14A, Mechanical seals



Design Features:

  • Conform to API 682 Standard;
  • Multi – spring, O - ring, pushed mechanical seal design;
  • Mostly used as the inner seal of unpressurized FB combination (commonly known as tandem arrangement);
  • The structure of finite element optimization design makes the coordination and control of heat and pressure deformation optimal, and the high quality materials selected for friction pair make the sealing effect of narrow end face reach the best;
  • Precision lapping of the sealing ring has a high degree of smoothness and excellent flatness;
  • Single arrangement can meet the requirements of fuel escape control; but the use of dual arrangement, its safety and reliability is higher (recommended);
  • If dual arrangement is adopted, the outer seal is usually compact general mechanical seal Haomi13 type;
  • Simple and reliable structure, easy to install and disassemble.
Performance Capability:
  • Shaft diameter: 20-150mm;
  • Temperature: -40℃-260℃;
  • Pressure: vacuum to 4.0MPa;
  • Speed: 0-25 m/s;


Applicable to petrochemical and natural gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
3-D profile of Haomi14A 2-D sectional view of Haomi14A


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